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    I’ve been tinkering around with a few new projects and most recently decided to write a series of books that help bass anglers catch more bass. I'm currently finishing the rough draft, and I need your help and feedback to put this to the test. And in return, I’d like to give it to you for free

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    About our program

    I’ve been interviewing, studying, and learning from some of the best anglers on the planet, and I've compiled of their personal tips and strategies they've been holding close to the vest for as long as I can remember...

    I'm also throwing in all of my personal notes, frameworks, and strategies that helped me become so confident that I feel I can catch a bass on any body of water that holds them...

    I'm nearly done with this book, but my goal is to give you a no B.S., most compact, discrete and useful bass fishing book you have ever seen. But I’d like your opinion on how I can improve it even more, and I’m willing to give you this book for no charge in exchange for your time...

    I'm planning on selling this book for $29.95, possibly even more – but you are going to get it absolutely FREE!

    Is There a Catch?

    There is NO catch. I have a great feeling about this book, but I don't release anything unless it is truly helpful. That's where you come in. There is no hidden continuity program or anything sketchy like that. I need your input no matter your experience level. Newbie, weekend warrior, tournament pro, or fishing guide - it doesn't matter, all of your feedback helps. And best of all, you can be a part of it.